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Third-Party Vendor Assessment

Security breaches attributed to 3rd-party partners are increasing. Conducting ongoing security assessments of your 3rd-party partners will give you clarity on the risks you may be inheriting from them. Malicious hackers are increasingly targeting the less secure, smaller 3rd- and 4th-party partners as backdoors to your organization’s data centers. In fact, one of the major data breaches, Target Corporation in 2013, was attributed to an unsecure 3rd-party partner.

The RCS Vendor Assessment program will identify any major gaps between your partners’ security controls and your organization’s policy, evaluate the level of risk these gaps represent, and make recommendations as to how to address these risks.

Gap Analysis

A Gap analysis will measure an organization’s existing policies and procedures against best practices as well as applicable regulations. The results will indicate gaps or shortcomings in an organization’s compliance posture, such as potential regulatory violations and incomplete data security requirements. By identifying gaps, an organization can take corrective action and mitigate risks to the organization.

The RCS Gap Analysis helps your organization understand:

  • where you currently stand regarding complying with regulations,
  • where the gaps are,
  • what actions are needed to become compliant with regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessments

RCS works with organizations of all types and size to help them achieve the benefits of a well-defined and robust IT security risk assessment. A risk assessment is a verification and validation of an organization’s adherence to best practices and compliance with government regulations. The core goal of the IT security risk assessment is to identify and quantify the risks to the organization’s information assets. The results give you a practical plan to protect assets and still maintain a balance of productivity and operational effectiveness.

Some reasons for performing a security risk assessment include:

  • A risk assessment is a definitive statement about what needs to be done to improve or correct a security program and provides executives and budget planners with a quantitative justification for expenditures.
  • Stay on top of the latest security standards —attack vectors change every day and you could become vulnerable even if your organization hasn’t changed since your last assessment!
  • Make sure that your staff is being vigilant by maintaining a focus on IT security.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of security issues throughout your organization.
  • Demonstrate to your customers and partners that data security is important to your organization.

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